Selected Publications & Presentations

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Gordon M. Hahn, The Russian Dilemma: Security, Vigilance, and Relations with the West from Ivan III to Putin (Jefferson, NC: McFarland Books, forthcoming in 2021). 

_________________,Ukraine Over the Edge: Russia, the West, and the ‘New Cold War‘ (Jefferson, NC: McFarland Books, 2018).

__________________, The Caucasus Emirate: Global Jihadism in Russia’s North Caucasus and Beyond, (Jefferson, NC: McFarland Books, 2014).

__________________, Russia’s Islamic Threat (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2007). [‘Outstanding Academic Title’ for 2007 by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and the American Library Association (ALA) in their CHOICE Current Reviews for Academic Libraries.]

__________________, Russia’s Revolution From Above: Reform, Transition, and Revolution in the Fall of the Soviet Communist Regime, 1985-2000 (New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, 2002).


Gordon M. Hahn, Getting the Caucasus Emirate Right, CSIS Russia and Eurasia Program Report, September 2011,

______________, U.S.-Russian Relations and the War Against Jihadism, Century Foundation Hart-Matlock Russia Working Group Paper, May 2009,

Geostrategic Forecasting White Papers

Gordon M. Hahn, The Caucasus Emirate Comes to America: The Boston Marathon Bombing, Geostrategic Forecasting Corporation (GFC) White Paper, October 2013,

_______________, The Caucasus Emirate Threat to the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, GFC White Paper, October 2013,


Gary Ackerman, Charles Blair, Jeffrey Bale, Gordon Hahn, Elle DiLorenzo, Sundara Vadlamudi, and Christopher Lunsford. The Jericho Option: Al-Qa`ida and Attacks on Critical Infrastructure (San Jose, CA: Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies, 8 June 2006),


Gordon M. Hahn, “Islamism in the Russian Federation,” World Almanac of Islamism, 2012, Revised edition (Lanham, Md.: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers and American Foreign Policy Council,, forthcoming in 2013).

______________, “The Caucasus Emirate Jihadists: The Security and Strategic Implications,” in Stephen J. Blank, ed., Russia’s Homegrown Insurgency: Jihad in the North Caucasus (Carlisle Barracks, PA: U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, October 2012), pp. 1-98,

______________, “Islamism in the Russian Federation,” World Almanac of Islamism, 2010 (Lanham, Md.: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers and American Foreign Policy Council,, 2011).

______________, “The Bioterrorism Threat in the Russian Federation,” in Rebecca Katz and Raymond A. Zilinskas, eds., Encyclopedia of Bioterrorism Defense, Second Edition (Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2011), pp. 581-584.

______________, “The Russian Federation,” in Barry Rubin, ed., Guide to Islamist Movements Vol. 2 (Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 2009), pp. 493-518.

______________, “Russian Federalism under Putin,” in Stephen White, Zvi Gitelman, and Richard Sakwa, eds., Current Developments in Russian Politics – Vol. 6 (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2005): 148-67.


Gordon M. Hahn, “The Russian Federation in 2012: From ‘Thaw’ and ‘Reset’ to ‘Freeze’,” Asian Survey, 53, 1 (2013): 214-223.

______________, “Perestroika 2.0: Towards Non-Revolutionary Regime Transformation in Russia?,” Post-Soviet Affairs, 28, 4 (October-December 2012): 472-515.

______________, “Medvedev, Putin, and Perestroika 2.0,” Demokratizatsiya, 18, 3 (Summer 2010): 228-259.

______________, “The Jihadi Insurgency and the Russian Counterinsurgency in the North Caucasus,” Post-Soviet Affairs, 24, 1 (January-February 2008): 1-39.

______________, “Anti-Americanism, Anti-Westernism, and Anti-Semitism Among Russia’s Muslims,” Demokratizatsiya, 16, 1 (Winter 2008): 49-60.

______________, “The Perils of Putin’s Policies,” The Journal of International Security Affairs, 10, Spring 2006: 63-71,

______________, “The Rise of Islamist Extremism in Kabardino-Balkariya” Demokratizatsiya, 13, 4 (Fall 2005): 543-594.

______________, “Managed Democracy?: The Establishment of Stealth Authoritarianism in St. Petersburg,” Demokratizatsiya, 12, 2 (Spring 2004): 185-232,

______________, “Party Reform, State Reorganization, and the Soviet Collapse,” forthcoming in Journal of Cold War History Studies, forthcoming in Vol. 12, No. 1, Winter 2009-2010.

______________, “The Impact of Putin’s Federative Reforms on Democratization in Russia,” Post-Soviet Affairs, 19, 2 (April-June 2003): 114-53.

______________, “The Past, Present, and Future of the Russian Federal State,” Demokratizatsiya, 11, 3 (Summer 2003): 343-62.

______________, “Putin’s Federal Reforms: Integrating Russia’s Legal Space or Destabilizing Russian Federalism,” Demokratizatsiya, 9, 4 (Fall 2001): 498-530.

______________, “Putin’s ‘Federal Revolution’: Administrative Versus Judicial Methods of Federal Reform,” East European Constitutional Review, 10, 1 (Winter 2001): 60-67.

______________, “From Chernomyrdin to Kirienko and the Rise of the Nizhegorod Group,” Problems of Post-Communism, 45, 5 (September-October 1998): 1-15.

______________, “The Bureaucratic Politics of the First Reorganization of the CPSU CC Apparat During Perestroika,” Europe-Asia Studies, 49, 2 (Spring 1997): 281-302.

______________, “Russia’s Polarized Political Spectrum,” Problems of Post-Communism, 43, 3 (May-June 1996): 11-22.

______________, “The Politics of Transition at the XXVIII CPSU Congress and the Central Committee Open Letter,” Russian History/Histoire Russe, 22, 4 (1995): 375-405.

______________, “Opposition Politics in Russia,” Europe-Asia Studies (formerly Soviet Studies), 46, 2 (Spring 1994): 305-335.

______________, “Researching Perestroika in the Archive of the TsK KPSS,” The Russian Review, 53, 3 (Fall 1994): 419-423.


Gordon M. Hahn and David Foglesong, “Ten Myths About Russia: Understanding and Dealing with Russia’s Complexity and Ambiguity,” Problems of Post-Communism, 49, 6 (November-December 2002): 3-15.

_________________________________, “Десять мифов о России,” Rossiya XXI, 10, 2, 2003: 104-37.


Gordon M. Hahn, “Guest Editor’s Introduction to the Issue,” Demokratizatsiya Special Edition for the 20th Anniversary of Gorbachev’s Rise to Power,” Demokratizatsiya, 13, 2, Spring 2005, pp. 1-9.

______________, “Государство, общество, и нестабильность в России,” (State, Society and Instability in Russia), VIP, 2, 11, November 1998: 34.

______________, “An Autopsy of the Soviet Economy,” Hoover Digest, 2, 4, Fall 1998: 174-77.

______________, “The Truth about the Great Terror,” Hoover Digest, 2, 3, Summer 1998: 140-44.

______________, “The Unknown Opposition to Soviet Rule,” Hoover Digest, 2, 2, Spring 1998: 183-88.

______________, “Revelations from the Soviet Party Archives: A Window on Perestroika,” Hoover Digest, 2, 1, Winter 1998: 140-44.


Gordon M. Hahn, Islam, Islamism, and Politics in Eurasia Report (IIPER), Russia and Eurasia Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Nos. 1-67, November 2009 – October 2013,

_____________, “Explaining the Caucasus Emirate’s Silence, So Far, Around Sochi,” Russia and Eurasia Program Blog, Center for Strategic and International Studies, 10 March 2014,

_____________, “Considering the Caucasus Emirate Chemical Threat to Sochi,” Russia and Eurasia Program Blog, Center for Strategic and International Studies, 7 February 2014,

_____________, “From the Caucasus to Boston and Beyond,” National Consortium on Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, University of Maryland, 29 April 2013,

_____________, “The Caucasus Emirate Goes Global,” Stratfor, 8 November 2012,

_____________, “Why Putin Won: Seven Reasons,” Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), 14 March 2012,

_____________, “Russia,” in American Foreign Policy Council, World Almanac of Islamism: 2011 (Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield and American Foreign Policy Council, 2011), pp. 599-613 and

_____________, “The Chechnya-Tatarstan Connection,” Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Moscow Center, 21 June 2004,

_____________, “The Results of the 2003 Russian State Duma Elections in St. Petersburg,” Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Moscow Center, 2003 Duma Elections – St. Petersburg), 2 February 2004,

_____________, “Previews of the 2003 St. Petersburg Single Mandate District Races for the Russian State Duma,” Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Moscow Center, 2003 Duma Elections – St. Petersburg, 4 December 2003,

_____________, “Stealth Authoritarianism: Setting the Stage for the Federal Election Cycle in St. Petersburg,” Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Moscow Center, 2003 Duma Elections – St. Petersburg, 5 November 2003,

_____________, “Russian Domestic Politics and NATO Expansion,” Focus (Washington, D.C.: Center for Political and Strategic Studies), 4, 6, August-September 1997: 1-6.

_____________, “Gorbachev Versus the Apparat?” Perspective (Boston: Boston University’s Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology and Policy), 1, 1, 1990: 2-3, 7.


Gordon M. Hahn, Testimony Before the U.S. Congress Committee on Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Hearing “Assessing Terrorism in the Caucasus and the Threat to the Homeland,” 3 April 2014, and and

Sergei Markedonov, Andrew Kuchins, Jeffrey Mankoff, and Gordon M. Hahn, Islam in Russia (Center for Strategic and International Studies Report for and funded by the U.S. National Intelligence Council), May 2013. 


Gordon M. Hahn, “Weimar Maidan Ukraine,” Geostrategic Forecasting Corp., 20 January 2015,

_____________, “Kiev’s Foibles and the West’s Responsibilities,” Politics and Islamism in Russia and EurasiaGeostrategic Forecasting Corp. (PIRE-GFC), 19 June 2014,

_____________, “The Caucasus Emirate: New Era, New Tactics,” PIRE-GFC, 8 June 2014,

_____________, “Revolutions, State Collapse and Ukraine,” PIRE-GFC, 18 May 2014,

_____________, “The Age of Communalism, the Post-Soviet Nationalist Wars, and Dueling Nationalisms in Ukraine,” PIRE-GFC, 18 May 2014,

_____________, “Terrorism in Ukraine,” PIRE-GFC, 18 May 2104,

_____________, “The Volgograd Bombings of 2013: The Ethnic Russian Mujahedin of the Caucasus Emirate’s Dagestani Network,” PIRE-GFC, 2 January 2014,

_____________, “Azerbaijan: Caught between Two Jihadi Flames,” PIRE-GFC, 24 December 2013,

_____________, “A Profile of Jund Sham (Junoud al-Sham) Amir ‘Abu Walid’ Muslim Margoshvili,” PIRE-GFC, 19 December 2013,

_____________, “The Caucasus Emirate, the Syria Effect, the Volgograd Suicide Bombing, and the Sochi Olympics,” PIRE-GFC, 8 November 2013,

_____________, “Russia’s Disunified ‘National Unity Day’,” PIRE-GFC, 5 November 2013,

_____________, “New Revelations on AQ-Chechen Ties in the 1990s and a 2000 AQ Plot to Hijack an Airliner in Germany,” PIRE-GFC, 31 October 2013,

_____________, “The Tajikistani ‘Jamaat Ansarullah’: Returning from its AfPak Hijrah?,” PIRE-GFC, 23 October 2013,


Gordon M. Hahn, “The Islamic State Splits the Caucasus Emirate,” Fair Observer, 23 January 2015,

“When ‘No’ Means ‘Yes’ or How Moscow Learned to Love NATO Expansion to its Borders,” Russia – Other Points of View, 17 January 2015,

_____________, “Putin Myths and Putin Ideology,” Russia – Other Points of View, 16 January 2015,

_____________, “Still No Way Out in Ukraine,” Fair Observer, 8 January 2015,

_____________, “The Making and Escalating of the Ukrainian War, West and East,” Fair Observer, 7 October 2014,

_____________, “The Ukrainian Revolution’s Neo-Fascist Problem,” Fair Observer, 23 September 2014,

_____________, “New Cold War makes US, Russian cooperation against ISIS unlikely,” Russia-Direct, 28 August 2014,

_____________, “The Way Out in Ukraine: A Constitution of Democratic Federalism and International Neutrality,” Fair Observer, 22 May 2014,

_____________, “The Road to and from War in Ukraine,” Russia Direct, 6 May 2014,

_____________, “A Warning Shot Over the Bow of Sochi,” Russia-Direct, 22 October 2013,

_____________, “The Caucasus and Russia’s Syria Policy,” The National Interest, 26 September 2013,

_____________, “Global Jihadism Comes to Russia’s North Caucasus, Fair Observer, 12 July 2012,’s-north-caucasus.

_____________, “Perestroika 2.0 and the Moscow Spring,” Fair Observer, 11 May 2012,

_____________, “Romney’s Russia Gambit,” The National Interest, 11 April 2012,

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_____________, “Putin’s ‘Stealth Authoritarianism,” Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Russian Political Weekly, 21 April 2004,

_____________, “Putin Provoking Communalism,” Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, The Russian Federation Votes 2003-04, 6 January 2004,

Article.aspx?ID=FF37FFAB-2E5C-4355-8EB1-E73B62E6E885&M=1&Y=2004 and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Newsline, Part 1: Russia and Eurasia, Vol. 8, No. 4, 8 January 2004.

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_____________, “Kirienko and the Rise of the Nizhegorod Group,” Analysis of Current Events (Nationalities Studies Association’s newsletter), 10, 5, May 1998: 9-11.


Gordon M. Hahn, Lecture – “The 2014 Ukraine Crisis and Civil War through the Prism of the End of the Cold War and Soviet Collapse,” San Francisco State University Conference “Fall of the Berlin Wall: Looking Back 25 Years,” 14 November 2014.

_____________, “The Caucasus Emirate Threat to the Sochi Olympic Games,” for Panel Discussion on “Security Threats at Winter Olympics,” Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C., 31 January 2014, and

_______________, “From the Caucasus to Boston: The Caucasus Emirate Mujahedin and the Boston Marathon Attack,” World Affairs Council of Monterey Bay, California, 24 June 2013.

_______________, Panel Chair, Paper: “Russian Domestic Politics After Year One of Putin’s Third Term: Elite, Opposition, and Popular Support Base,” International Conference, Manfred Worner Foundation held at Cornivus University, Budapest, Hungary, 26-27 April 2013.

_______________, Discussant for Sergei Markedonov’s Report The Rise of Radical and Nonofficial Islamic Groups in Russia’s Volga Region, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC, 21 February 2013.

_______________, “Getting the Caucasus Emirate Right,” Russian and Eurasia Program Lecture, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C., September 28, 2011,

_______________, “The Caucasus Emirate and Its Implications for Russian, U.S., and International Security,” U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute’s International Conference on Russian national security issues, September 26-27, 2011.

_______________, “The Caucasus Emirate Mujahedin: 5 Myths,” International Conference “The Northern Caucasus: Russia’s Tinderbox,” Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C., November 30 – December 1, 2010.

_______________, “Russia and the ‘Near Abroad’,” Palo Alto World Affairs Council “Great Decisions” Lecture, March 8, 2010.

_______________, “The Caucasus Emirate: Russia’s Unknown Jihad and ‘Leaderless Jihad’,” International Studies Association and American Political Science Association Conference “Insecurity and Disorder: Challenges to the State in an Age of Anxiety,”, Panel Discussion “Leaderless Jihad,” 17 October 2009, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.

_______________, “U.S.-Russian Relations and the War Against Jihadism: An Agenda,” Century Foundation, 25 February 2009, New York, N.Y.

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_______________, “Ustanovlenie i konsolidatsiya avtoritarizma tipa ‘stels’ (The Establishment and Consolidation of ‘Stealth’ Authoritarianism in Putin’s Russia),” Faculty of International Relations, Saint Petersburg State University and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in St. Petersburg International Conference “Russia Between the State Duma and Presidential Elections: Key Issues of Domestic and Foreign Policy,” 30 January 2004, St. Petersburg, Russia, 30 January 2004.

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_______________, “CPSU Reform and State Restructuring in the USSR’s Collapse.” Paper presented to the Harvard University Russian Research Center’s Olin Lecture Series ‘The Collapse of the Soviet Union’, March 4, 1997. 



Gordon M. Hahn, “Tandemology 2.0: Putin’s Return, Medvedev’s Decline, and Tandem Spats,” Russia – Other Points of View, 7 October 2012,

_____________, “Perestroika 2.0 Continues: Russia’s December Thaw and the Return of Politics,” Russia – Other Points of View, 2 January 2012,

_____________, “1991 and 2011: Russia’s Second Revolutionary Wave Has Arrived,” Russia – Other Points of View, 16 December 2011,

_____________, “The Thaw at the Polls – Tandem’s Liberalization Policy Rocks the Vote,” Russia – Other Points of View, 8 December 2011,

_____________, “The National Republics as Administrative Resource in Russia’s Elections, Russia – Other Points of View, 12 December 2011,

_____________, “Is A Russian ‘Thaw’ Coming?,” Russia: Other Points of View, 18 April 2008,

_____________, “More Signs of a Possible Thaw Under Medvedev,” Russia: Other Points of View, 2 June 2008,;

_____________, “Russia and Its Early ‘New Political Thinking’,” Russia Other Points of View, 27 May 2010,

_____________, “The Thaw Continues,” Russia Other Points of View, 9 November 2010,

_____________, “Zakaev: The Whole Story,” Russia – Other Points of View, 29 September 2010,

_____________, “(Un)civil Jihad in the Caucasus Emirate,” Russia – Other Points of View, 28 August 2009,

_____________, “The Obama-Medvedev Summit,” Russia – Other Points of View, 8 July 2009,

_____________, “Russia’s Counter-Terrorism Operation in Chechnya Ends – the Jihadi Insurgency Continues,” Russia – Other Points of View, 11 May 2009,

_____________, “The Making of the Georgian-Russia Five-Day August War, June – August 8, 2008,” Russian – Other Points of View, 22 September 2008,

_____________, “Georgia’s Propaganda War (Long Version),” Russia – Other Points of View, 5 September 2008,

_____________, “Georgia’s Propaganda War,” Russia – Other Points of View, 5 September 2008,

_____________, “The Foibles of August: The Russo-Georgian War and Its Present Implications,” Russia – Other Points of View, 18 August 2008,

_____________, “The Siloviki Downgraded in Russia’s Configuration of Power,” Russia: Other Points of View, 21 July 2008,

______________, “The Treatment of Russian Journalists in Comparative Perspective,” Russia: Other Points of View, 24 July 2008,

______________, “Ukrainian-Russian-Western Triangular Relationship – Underreported Aspects,” Russia: Other Points of View, 20 June 2008,

______________, “The Case of Ukraine – a Primer: the U.S., Russia and Tensions in the CIS,” Russia: Other Points of View, 20 June 2008,

______________, “Russian Skinheads – Russia’s Gravest Threat?,” Russia: Other Points of View, 18 June 2008,

______________, “The Case of Georgia – a Primer: the U.S., Russia and Tensions in the CIS,” Russia: Other Points of View, 11 June 2008,

______________, “Russia and The Unintended Consequences of Kosovo’s Independence,” Russia: Other Points of View, 30 May 2008,

______________, “Putin’s Constitutional Coup,” Russia: Other Points of View, 23 May 2008,

______________, “Colored Revolutions Darken,” Russia: Other Points of View, 18 April 2008,

Selected Content Analyses

Gordon M. Hahn, Content Analysis of Testimony of Ambassador William J. Burns, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, September 17, 2008,” Russia Media Watch – Russia: Other Points of View, September 29, 2008,

______________, Content Analysis of Robert Kagan, “Putin Makes His Move,” Washington Post, August 11, 2008, Russia: Other Points of View – Russia Media Watch, 15 August 2008,

______________, Content Analysis of Michael McFaul and Kathyrn Stoner-Weiss’s “Myth of the Authoritarian Model,” Foreign Affairs, January-February 2008, Russia: Other Points of View – Russia Media Watch, 


Gordon M. Hahn, “Playing with Ethno-National Fire,” The Russia Journal, 30 August – 4 September 2002.

_____________, “St. Pete Gov. Yakovlev Gets Last Nails in Coffin,” The Russia Journal, 26 July – 2 August 2002.

_____________, “The Rebirth of Eurasianism,” The Russia Journal, 12-18 July 2002.

_____________, “Divide, Then Conquer” (Tatars and Bashkirs), The Russia Journal, 21-27 June 2002.

_____________, “Putin’s Federative Reforms and Democratization in Russia’s Regions,” The Russia Journal, 14-20 June 2002.

_____________, “Toward a New U.S. Russia-Eurasia Policy,” The Russia Journal, 31 May – 6 June 2002.

_____________, “Bashkortostan’s Power Struggle,” The Russia Journal, 24-30 May 2002.

_____________, “Russia’s Emerging Civil Society,” The Russia Journal, 26 April – 2 May 2002.

_____________, “Sverdlovsk Governor Rossel’s Gambit,” The Russia Journal, 19-25 April 2002.

_____________, “Developing Multi-Party Democracy in Russia’s Regions,” The Russia Journal, 12-18 April 2002.

_____________, “The Corruption Noose Tightens Around St. Petersburg Governor Yakovlev,” The Russia Journal, 5-11 April 2002.

_____________, “Moscow’s and Tatarstan’s War of Laws,” The Russia Journal, 29 March – 3 April 2002.

_____________, “The Nationality Factor Grows in Russia’s Regional Elections,” The Russia Journal, 15-21 March 2002.

_____________, “Russia’s Regions on WTO: Go Slow,” The Russia Journal, 22-28 February 2002.

_____________, “Need to Reform the Federation Council,” The Russia Journal, 1-7 February 2002.

_____________, “Putin’s Muslim Challenge,” The Russia Journal, 25-31 January 2002. 


Gordon M. Hahn, “Caucasus Emirate Is a Growing Threat to Russia,” The Moscow Times, 15 December 2014,

______________, “Putin Is Moving Away From Hard-Line Siloviki,” The Moscow Times, 4 December 2014,

______________, “The Volgograd Warning,” The Indian Express (New Delhi) 8 January 2014,

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