Russian and Eurasian Studies

Gordon M. Hahn

by Gordon M. Hahn The February Snipers’ Massacre: Introduction On February 18-20th 2014 there was a major escalation of the violence on Kiev’s Maidan, ending in a massacre on the 20th and ultimately in the overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanuykovych. In the center of a European capitol over one hundred police and demonstrators had been shot […]

by Gordon M. Hahn With it becoming ever more clear that the US government and media have been covering up especially the Democratic Party’s collusion with Ukraine’s government in order to facilitate the self-enrichment of DP leaders’ family members, undermine the presidential candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump (however unpresidential he may be) and foment […]

by Gordon M. Hahn In researching a new book on the Russian dilemma of having historically as its ‘significant Other’ the very West that also has been Russia’s main national security threat, I re-read Russian-American historian Nicholas V. Riasanovsky’s classic study The Image of Peter the Great in Russian History and Thought.[1] Published on the […]

  by Gordon M. Hahn Five or six years ago, when I was still working most intensively on issues related to jihadism in Russia and globally, I warned of the Caucasus Emirate-tied network running from Russia’s North Caucasus to ISIS in Syria and Iraq through Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia (with Tbilisi’s connivance) [see and […]

by Gordon M. Hahn The answer is not really, but kind of. Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalnyi has certain political-behavioral traits that remind one of Vladimir Lenin. Strategically, he seems to prefer a revolution, even a violent one, to peaceful transition. Temperamentally, he is extremely divisive even among those parties that should be his political […]

by Gordon M. Hahn From former spooks to libertarian-conservative talk show hosts to leftists and liberals various theories have been put forward as to why and how Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to ‘destroy Americans’ confidence in democracy’ and ‘sow chaos across American and the world.’ In short, Putin ultimately seeks to destroy faith in […]

Par Gordon M. Hahn – Le 26 janvier 2019 L’isolement de la Russie de l’après-guerre froide s’est fait par vagues successives. Chaque fois que l’Occident a tenté d’augmenter son emprise, non seulement pour maintenir son hégémonie mondiale mais aussi pour l’étendre, une nouvelle vague d’aliénation de la Russie s’en est suivie. Ce qui sera probablement […]