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REPORT: Towards a Realist American Russia Policy

by Gordon M. Hahn American foreign policy, especially its Russia policy, is a runaway train without rails, driven by a troubling confluence of hubristic ideological influences and bureaucratized sectoral interests networked through Washington. These two kinds of influence too often... Continue Reading →

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The Real “Snipers’ Massacre”, Ukraine, February 2014: Updated/Revised Working Paper

by Gordon M. Hahn The February Snipers’ Massacre: Introduction On February 18-20th 2014 there was a major escalation of the violence on Kiev's Maidan, ending in a massacre on the 20th and ultimately in the overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanuykovych. In... Continue Reading →

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A Federation for Iraq

by Gordon M. Hahn [Still perhaps of some relevance today given continuing jihadi, Iranian jihadi, and Kurdish threats Iraq's (and Syria's) territorial integrity, the following was published by me at Radio Free Liberty Radio Liberty, Gordon M. Hahn, "A Federation for... Continue Reading →

The Schism Within Russia’s Pro-Democracy Movement

by Gordon M. Hahn In a recent series of statements, Russian liberal politicians, activists, and intelligentsia members have criticized the Russian democratic opposition’s most popular and effective leader Aleksei Navalnyi. Russia’s democrats again have shown themselves to have mastered an... Continue Reading →

Trump and Putin at Hamburg: Towards Reset 2.0?

by Gordon M. Hahn It is perhaps ironic and at the same time just that the first meeting between US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin occurred in Germany at the G-20 summit in Hamburg. After all... Continue Reading →

‘Isolating Russia’ in the Oil and Gas Sector

by Gordon M. Hahn [This article was first published at Russia - Other Points of View, 14 July 2014; see also Johnson's Russia List, 14 July 2014,  Since the Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March in the wake of... Continue Reading →

Trump-Putin: Chemistry and Comity or Win-Lose Antipathy?

by Gordon M. Hahn A few months ago I was asked to give an interview, which never took place. The prospective interviewer sent the following question among several others: “How will President Donald Trump interact with Putin?” In preparing for... Continue Reading →

The Washington Post, Russia, and Trump

by Gordon M. Hahn Is it all the result of 'garbage in, garbage out' or just bad propaganda/stratcomm (strategic communications)? Like the rest of the U.S. mainstream media, ever since the defeat of their preferred candidate in the 2016 presidential... Continue Reading →

“Повышенное внимание Вашингтона к Азербайджану усилит поддержку Москвы армянам” – Интервью у Гордона Хана с Azeri Today

В СМИ: "Повышенное внимание Вашингтона к Азербайджану усилит поддержку Москвы армянам" -Интервью у Гордона Хана с Azeri Today, 23 июнь 2017 г., ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About the Author - Gordon M. Hahn, Ph.D., is an analyst and Advisory Board member at Geostrategic Forecasting Corporation... Continue Reading →

IN MEDIA: Gordon M. Hahn’s Interview for Azeri Today on Russian-American Relations

Gordon M. Hahn's interview to Azeri Today on US-Russian relations can be found in Russian at the following link: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About the Author - Gordon M. Hahn, Ph.D., is an analyst and Advisory Board member at Geostrategic Forecasting Corporation (Chicago, Ill.),; member... Continue Reading →

Нисхождение премьера Медведева

Автор: Гордон Хан (Gordon Hahn)      Недавние обвинения в коррупции премьер-министра России и бывшего президента Дмитрия Медведева, выдвинутые оппозиционным лидером Алексеем Навальным, представляют серьезную угрозу для политического выживания Медведева.      Решающее значение имеет и дата публикации этих обвинений,... Continue Reading →

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