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Biden-Ukrainegate – UPDATE

On 23 January 2018, former Vice President Joe Biden boasted to the chuckles and smirks of a liberal think tank confab that during an official December 2015 trip to Ukraine he had threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to withhold U.S. military and economic assistance to Ukraine’s Maidan regime if he did not fire General Prosecutor Alexander Shokin. The latter was investigating Biden’s son Hunter at the time for money-laundering at the corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma. Biden explained the outcome of his gambit: “Wha d’ya know, the son of a bitch got fired” (!). Such a prideful tale of American hubris for Biden and his predominantly liberal listeners on that day became a horrifying breach of law and an impeachable offense when a similar episode was falsely attributed to President Donald Trump in the form of his 25 July 2019 phone call to newly elected Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskiy. The difference between the Biden threat and the likely false Trump threat is that the former was intended to cover up a crime, while the latter – if there was indeed a quid pro quo – aimed to uncover the same crime. That crime was Biden’s effort to cover up his and his son’s use of the American White House to drum up business with shady characters from Kiev to Beijing. New evidence from Hunter’s lost laptop reveals the entire history of one of former U.S. President Barack Obama’s or at least of his administration’s many scandalous ‘gates’: Russiagate, Maidangate, and this particular ‘gate’—Baidengate. These ‘gates’ have formed the pillar of the Democrat Party (DP) state apparatus inserted by Obama into U.S. government, which is continuing to attempt an authoritarianizing revolution from above ( and

            We now have a trail that can be traced from 2014 to Biden’s December 2015 ‘Well what d’ya know…’ as well as evidence that VP Biden was receiving payments through his son, whose salary in turn was being laundered through a Latvian bank. We already knew that Burisma’s corrupt kleptocrat Mykola Zlochevskiy had been paying Hunter – a man who knew nothing about the natural gas industry, Ukrainian energy business, or the Ukrainian language and was a known drug addict and alcoholic – $83,333.00 a month while his father served as Obama’s vice president and in the wake of the falsely characterized Maidan revolt—one brought to fruition by snipers not representing ultimately deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych but the neofascist wing of the Maidan opposition demonstrators themselves—Maidangate ( and

VP and presidential candidate Biden stated that he never spoke with his son about his business activities ( In a presidential debate he made this claim, and he was benefited by a supporting statement signed by some 50 former CIA officials and conveniently published just before the debate and repudiating the emergence of the laptop as “a Russian information operation” the claim that there existed a laptop that once belonged to Hunter with data containing evidence of VP Biden’s deep involvement in business as he sat in the White House ( and  This is the same CIA, the director of which was John Brennan, that had informed Obama that Hillary Clinton had concocted a plan for her campaign to foist a false story of Trump colluding with Russia in order to distract the American public from her illegal use of a server at home for handling top secret government documents and from any damage should those emails be published somewhere, as the CIA that later supported the Obama-Clinton-Biden ‘Russiagate’ claims ( and and Contrary to Biden’s words and the DP state’s CIA support for them, Biden was intimately involved in the development of Hunter’s Burisma business from the beginning.

VP Biden met with Hunter’s main business partners in the Burisma and other deals, Tony Bobulinksii and Devon Archer, a former adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry of the DP. VP Biden even took a selfie with the latter in the White House, which Burisma posted on its website to boost its business and, more importantly, political standing and criminal immunity ( In May 2014, just months after the Maidan overthrow of Yanukovych and the appointment of the U.S. vice president’s son to the board of Burisma, asked Hunter in an email for “advice on how you could use your influence” on the company’s behalf ( In 2014 VP Biden and Hunter played golf in a foursome with the latter’s key business partner, Devon Archer (

More damningly, in 2015 the Bidens, Archer, and another key partner Tony Bobulinskii organized a ‘meet and greet’ dinner in Washington’s private “Garden Room” at the Café Milano for their Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakhstani business clients associates to meet the VP and in the process were given contact information or were introduced to a host of leading Democratic Party (DP) figures. While receiving his $83k salary from Burisma, Hunter invited to the 16 April 2015 dinner Burisma’s high-ranking executive Vadym Pozharskiy, three officials from Kazakhstan, including Marc Holtzman, then chairman of the former Soviet republic’s largest bank, Kazkommertsbank,[1] three ambassadors to the US, including the Mexican ambassador, representatives of World Food Program USA, and former mayor of Moscow Yurii Luzhkov and his wife Yelena Baturina ([2] Baturina did not attend, Luzhkov apparently did. In the Hunter-Archer emails discussing this, it was suggested by the latter that “his guy” might attend. Whether this referred to Kerry is unclear. Hunter thought his attendance would be “more trouble that it is worth.” The day after the dinner Burisma’s Pozharskiy emailed Hunter to thank him for the introduction: “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together” ( Hunter had figured out how, and had begun to earn his $83k per mont from Burisma.[3]

When the Obama administration was replaced by Trump, Hunter’s salary was halved; he was no longer the son of the American vice president. Now, Hunter has constant access to the president of the United States. Hunter and the vice president (now president) of the United States held (and perhaps hold) joint bank accounts and shared debit cards. Hunter paid some of the vice president’s household bills, many amounting to thousands of dollars each for the Delaware mansion of ‘the poorest man in congress’ (

As supposedly corrupt Ukrainian General Prosecutor Shokin’s investigation into corrupt Burisma and consequently Hunter geared up in 2015, the gas company pressured the Bidens to take steps that would protect them all. In a 2 November 2015 email Zlochevskii’s second-in-command Vadym Pozharskiy demanded that Hunter agree to “a list of deliverables…a concrete course of actions, incl. meetings/communications resulting in high-ranking US officials in Ukraine (US Ambassador) and in US publicly or in private communication/comment expressing their ‘positive opinion’ and support of Nikolay [Zlochevsky]/Burisma to the highest level of decision makers here in Ukraine: President of Ukraine, president Chief of staff, Prosecutor General, etc. … (T) the “scope of work should also include organization of a visit of a number of widely recognized and influential current and/or former US policy-makers to Ukraine … with the ultimate purpose to close down any cases/pursuits against [Burisma] in Ukraine.” Perhaps under the threat of seeing his $83k/month salary cut off or even less palatable outcomes, Hunter came through, and his father flew into Kiev from DC, addressing the Ukrainian Rada on the anniversary of the 1991 Ukrainian referendum that elected Kiev’s independence from the crumbling USSR. In his speech, the American VP decried corruption and pointed his finger in the direction Zlochevskii had been paying for, stating: “The Office of the General Prosecutor desperately needs reform.” (

Hours after his Rada speech, VP Biden demanded Poroshenko fire Shokin from the Office of the General Prosecutor or he would be flying out of Kiev without handing over the promised assistance from Washington, and ‘what d’ya know….’ The rest is history. Russiagate appears to have been designed in order to help cover up not just Hillary Clinton’s email server crime but the Bidens’ ‘Ukrainegate,’ for were Trump to be elected president, the Biden family business would have vulnerable to criminal investigation. In the event, the DP state-controlled FBI ignored the existence of the laptop supported in its negligence by the CIA’s Russian disinformation campaign. Only a Republican victory in the 2022 mid-term elections offers hope that the Baiden Ukrainegate scandal will be investigated thoroughly, unless it somehow can be connected to the Russiagate debauchery and that connection is discovered by special counsel John Durham.

Given President Biden’s vulnerability to charges of corruption and criminality, it would be prudent to ask several questions. To what extent are any Biden administration deliveries to Kiev a quid pro quo for Zelenskiy’s cooperation in burying Baiden-Ukrainegate? Is Kiev in a position to blackmail our president? How could such possibilities, if realities, influence America’s Russia policy? How will the major report on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails obtained from a convicted former business partner of Hunter’s to be published early next year by corruption investigator, journalist, and Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schwiezer effect the triangular US-Russian-Ukrainian relationship and US policy in particular?


[1] Although Hunter did not name the other two Kazakhstan representatives on his guest list in his email to Archer, we can surmse from that it may have been Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Massimov. On the morning of the dinner, Archer was invited to a “private breakfast” with Massimov in his suite at the Willard Hotel, the invitation communicated to him by Hunter, who a year later in an email referred to Massimov as a “close friend.” He would conduct businesswith a Massimov associate, Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev, whose company Novatus used a Latvian bank to wire $142,300 to Archer’s firm, Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC, on April 22, 2014, according to a currency transaction report noting the money was “for a car.” Massimov and Rakishev appear in an “unverified photograph” along with VP Biden and Hunter, posted on a Kazakhstani anti-corruption website in 2019 (

[2] Fourteen months earlier, Baturina sent $3.5 milliion to Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC, the Delaware investment firm founded by Hunter and Archer (

[3] Kazakh banker Holtzman also thanked Hunter in an email and expressed hope for “many opportunities to work closely together” (


  1. The Duran published this story about two years ago. Then more than a year later we hear about the relatively innocuous story about Hunter’s laptop, and that is all. I am glad the full truth is emerging at last. But why now?

    1. Because journalists have are going through the laptop plus thousands of emails from Hunter’s partner. Peter Schweitzer is preparing to release a major report he promised in January.

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