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The Troubled Tandem in a Troubling Troika

Two of the three administrations, perhaps even regimes in the triangular relationship between the U.S., Ukraine, and Russia are on the ropes and perhaps set for collapse in one sense or another. Neither of the troubled two is Vladimir Putin’s Russia, which continues to show remarkable metastability, as I have written often, as a result of Putin’s ability to balance, convince, and coerce. The Clinton-Obama-Biden revolution from above, backed by authoritarian global oligarchs like George Soros and Klaus Schwab, is faltering under Biden’s regency and may fail to achieve its goal of a single-party dominant, soft authoritarian socialist regime. His presidential ratings are catastrophic, inflation and COVID run rampant, and efforts such as packing the Supreme Court, the socialist Build Back Better program, and rigging the election system in favor of the Democrat Party through HR 1 have been buried by public and even some DP opposition. In January, Biden will be exposed as a corrupt criminal worthy of impeachment and prison, along with his drug addict and prostitute-funding son, Hunter. One of America’s premier investigative journalists, Peter Schweizer, will publish his findings from the contents of the hard drive from Hunter’s lost laptop, also in possession of the FBI, revealing the Bidens’ use of the Vice Presidency to build a business empire in deals with Communist China, Ukrainian ‘corruptogarchs’, and even Putin’s Russia. Some of this has already been revealed, but the mainstream DP state-run media has covered it up ( They will attempt the same in January, but as with the original Hunter laptop reports and other data, the news will gradually filter across the electorate and should cripple the DP in the November 2022 mid-terms. Biden and his gang know this and are likely preparing a new effort along the lines of Russiagate, the FBI false flag January 6 operation, or simply another episode of massive electoral fraud for 2022.

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy is in even worse shape. His presidential ratings are lower than Biden’s, and he is now opposed by every political force in Ukraine save his increasingly unpopular party. Zelenskiy, who no longer exudes the relaxed style and humor evident when he was an actor and then presidential candidate. The filth, corruption, vapidity, and brutality of Ukrainian politics is overwhelming him. He appears more as a would-be dictator than the next pro-Western beacon of democracy. He is flailing about, seeking a remedy. He closes down opposition media, indicts former president Petro Poroshenko and Russia-tied oligarch Victor Medvedchuk, accuses Russia and Donbass oligarch Rinat Akhmetov of organizing a coup that never occurs. Regarding Poroshenko’s indictment and the arrest of all his holdings, it means that the US and the rest of the West either backed a crook in Poroshenko or backs an authoritarian in Zelenskiy, who, under this latter scenario, is being unjustifiably persecuted by the president in this next post-Soviet, pre-NATO-member ‘beacon of democracy.’ Recall it was none other than Joe ‘what do you know they fired the son of gun’ Biden, who ran Ukraine policy under the corrupt and lawless Obama administration. Hunter presumably is still under investigation in the U.S. for money-laundering his Burisma salary and who knows what else in his Ukrainian business dealings. With the FBI functioning as the DPS’s and Biden’s personal FSB as the Project Veritas raid demonstrates once again, there is no chance Hunter or Joe will be indicted until at least 2024. Hunter was once under investigation in Ukraine until Joe ‘Big Guy’ Biden extorted from Poroshenko the firing of the investigating prosecutor, as VP Biden famously bragged at a videotaped think tank conference, making Trump’s ‘impeachable’ quid pro quo with Zelenskiy seem wholly and utterly innocuous. Zelenskiy has even brought in his own fixer, Alexander Poklad to head Ukraine’s national investigation bureau, to open criminal cases against political opponents ( Meanwhile, Zelenskiy’s only remaining supporter among Ukrainian oligarchs is perhaps the most corrupt and criminal of them all Ihor Kolomoiskii, who has not been indicted, remains free, and is calling for Ukraine’s turn away from the West and return to the Russian fold. Kolomoiskii is the founder of Burisma, now headed by Alexander Zlochevskii and tied to Hunter Biden , who sat on its board. In other words, both the US and Ukraine are moving in Russia’s direction, even as they decry Putin’s authoritarianism and cry ‘Russian wolf’ or invasion.

The mavens of myopic, eternal NATO expansion are even getting a little nervous. The New York Times recentlty ran an opinion piece by a U.S. government shill posing as a journalist, who suddenly discovered two and a half years into Zelenskiy’s failing presidency that he is “inexperienced.” The NYT averred that he and his team, which includes his “comrades-in-arms in the comedy studio,” can have “dire consequences,” and not only for Ukraine ( To be precise, the author of record, one Andrew Kramer, reported that it was U.S. officials who had suddenly discovered this. Well perhaps, yes, perhaps they only just did, and a special CIA report was rushed out to divulge this breaking news and shocking state of affairs. Or perhaps they decided to emphasize this point at this particular moment because someone needs to be blamed for the present conflict or any hotter future one with Moscow that goes bad? Thus, the NYT reported that US officials feared Zelenskiy might stumble into war with Putin. The cause of such a costly and dangerous war cannot be allowed to be NATO expansion or US color revolutionism. Zelenskiy is as good a scapegoat as any, given Trump’s lack of any official office at present. Though one wonders why the story of the last 16-24 years — Putin did it! — would not suffice. Perhaps, Zelenskiy will be set up? Recall August 2008, when the U.S. in the person of Condoleezza Rice, supposedly warned the tie-chewing beacon of democracy Georgian President Mikheil  Saakashvili not to provoke Putin, which he promptly did. I always wonder whether some other U.S. officials — US VP Dick Cheney or one of his minions — did not suggest something else: ‘Go ahead and take back South Ossetiya and Abkhazia when you are ready. We’ll take care of George W for you to get the necessary backup.’ After all the Georgian defense Ministry was filled with U.S. Defense Department reps at the time.

So from the happy troika of leaders with which the world has been so blessed as we turn the corner into 2022 – Biden, Zelenskiy, and Putin – which in your estimation needs/need a military or near-military conflict to buttress his/their authority? It’s not rocket science, my friend, as Maidan McCain would say. To be sure, Putin is authoritarian, and he’d like to give DC a punch in the nose as payback for the last 30 years of Western humiliations of Russian honor and national security. So Putin could be or easily be made to appear to be the final cause in a chain of causes bringing us a little Donbass war: Bill ‘I didn’t have sex with that woman’ Clinton’s NATO expansion; Bush’s continuing NATO expansion; Obama’s continuing courting of Ukraine and other post-Soviet states for NATO expansion; Western, primarily US-led democracy-promotion efforts for color revolution in Ukraine; and Western, primarily US support for the overthrow of a legally elected president in Ukraine and refusal to acknowledge that the Maidan regime that followed was born in the blood of a snipers’ terrorist attack on 20 February 2014 carried out by the ultra-nationalist and neofascist wing of the Maidan now robustly represented in the Ukrainian armed forces and by private armies on the Donbass front. Well, I guess, overall, these kinds of background, secondary, immediate, necessary, sufficient causes and the like really are only of peripheral importance. It is Saakashvili, I mean, Zelenskiy, stupid and his inexperience that can be used…..I mean….that will be to blame . (Incidentally, Saak also had snipers on the Maidan, just in case you haven’t read this in the NYT or WaPo, or missed those snipers’ various European interviews, or were not in the Kiev courtroom where they recently and quite surprisingly were allowed to testify about there involvement).

Well, not to worry; gerontocrat Joe has young Zelenskiy and crazy Putin under control. Happy New Year!




About the Author – Gordon M. Hahn, Ph.D., is an Expert Analyst at Corr Analytics, and a Senior Researcher at the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS), Akribis Group, Dr. Hahn is the author of The Russian Dilemma: Security, Vigilance, and Relations with the West from Ivan III to Putin (McFarland, 2021), Ukraine Over the Edge: Russia, the West, and the “New Cold War” (McFarland, 2018), The Caucasus Emirate Mujahedin: Global Jihadism in Russia’s North Caucasus and Beyond (McFarland, 2014), Russia’s Islamic Threat (Yale University Press, 2007), and Russia’s Revolution From Above: Reform, Transition and Revolution in the Fall of the Soviet Communist Regime, 1985-2000 (Transaction, 2002). He also has published numerous think tank reports, academic articles, analyses, and commentaries in both English and Russian language media.

Dr. Hahn also has taught at Boston, American, Stanford, San Jose State, and San Francisco State Universities and as a Fulbright Scholar at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia and has been a senior associate and visiting fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Kennan Institute in Washington DC, and the Hoover Institution.

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