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The Cultural Marxist International: Russian Liberal Sycophant – UPDATE

by Gordon M. Hahn

This is an update to my recent post on one of the cultural-Marxist international’s representatives, Ekho Moskvy ‘journalist’ Marina Orlova ( As I noted in my previous piece, Orlova has become Ekho Moskvy’s go-to ‘American hand.’ God save Russia and the world. She represents precisely the problem with the Russian intelligentsia–the tendency to ape the worst from the West. Orlova’s ‘reporting’ is nothing other than sycophantic ravings in support of the Democratic Party– a Russian Rachel Maddow.

This is not to say that there should not be opposition to Putin, and if a suitable patriotic Russian republican should be capable of winning a Russian election he/she ought to be supported. But Russia little more than the U.S. is in need of the kind of Westernism today’s Democrat Party purveys, with its racist charges of ubiquitous white supremacism (one example, New York state’s recent decision to give priority to non-whites over whites for COVID vaccinations: One wonders if Jews will be included among the whites unworthy of health care. Not even Jim Crow or apartheid achieved this level of racism–better called genocide, it seems. In her previous post, Orlova covered up the DP’s cover up of a transgenderist’s rape of two school girls in her ‘reporting’ (see below).

Russia’s lack of a healthy conservative, truly liberal — not in the American everyday sense of the term, which is now a cover for extremist communo-fascists who now dominate the Obama-Clinton-Biden Democrat Party-state — movement for representative constitutional government, that is republicanism, is the bane of Russian opposition and a boon to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s soft but increasingly mid-range authoritarian form of rule. Ironically, it is the latter that the DP-state seeks to establish. But Orlova bathing in the light of oracles such as the NYT, WaPO, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR could never know this. Or like some of her mentors, she knows but does not care. She too has been seized by the lust for power and easy career path and blind joy of self-righteousness. There is no room for research, no less truth in that; she simply relays DP-state propaganda. Thus, in her recent Ekho Moskvy report she simply reproduced US President Biden’s recent January 6 anniversary speech, with its false narrative of January 6,, 2021 which has now been exposed as an FBI false flag operation rather than an insurrection, no less one inspired or organized by former US President Donald Trump ().

Orlova’s ‘journalism’ began with a brief introduction to Biden’s speech, which reads — I am not kidding — as follows: “On the anniversary of the violent seizure of the Caputol by supporters of Donald trump on January 6th U.S. President Jow Biden gave a speech so powerful that it will go down in the history of world politics. Biden did not pretend that Trump participated peripherally in the events of that day and completely exposed the former president for his incitement, of that seizure, lack of patriotism, and conspiracy with goal to commit a coup in the USA and called him an enemy.”

В годовщину насильственного захвата Капитолия сторонниками Дональда Трампа 6 января Президент США Джо Байден выступил с речью настолько мощной, что она войдет в историю мировой политики. Байден не стал делать вид, что Трамп участвовал в событиях того дня по касательной и полностью изобличил бывшего президента в подстрекательстве к захвату, непатриотизме, заговоре с целью совершить в США госпереворот и назвал врагом. (

Is this what US taxpayers want to fund in NATO expansion and ‘democracy-promotion’? I challenge Ms. Orlova, her boss Mr. Venediktov, or anyone else – Russian, American or Martian – to read and disprove as ‘Trump propaganda’ or ‘white supremacist fake news’ the following Revolver reports on the FBI false flag origins of 1/6/2021, which stand as actual investigative journalism – not simply regurgitating one party’s, or one candidate’s talking points:




They won’t, they can’t, they lack the courage and it appears they serve the other ‘Leviathan’. With this kind of fake news and sloppy or sinister editorial leadership, it is clear that Ekho Moskvy is falling into abyss of today’s US DP-state Pravda-like propagandizing. Goebbels would be challenged to do worse. Maybe next Ms. Orlova and Mr Venediktov can do a piece on the great advances being made in social justice by New York state or freedom of speech on Facebook and Twitter? What is worse is that their failure to do so will further the cause in Russia, America, and indeed the world of the very authoritarianism they claim to be opposed to at home.



In a recent article I noted my personal experience with a Western-based international school in the former Soviet Union propagandizing the Marxist and reverse racist Black Lives Matter organization. However, propagandizing the Democrat party (DP) line is not only happening in NATO/EU countries or just those along Russia’s borders. It is happening in Russia and being carried out by Russians. You may recall the U.S. embassy in Moscow flying the LGBTQ flag over its building in the city center. That’s a case of the U.S. government engaging in identitarian propaganda. Another thing is propaganda being carried out by Russian Westernizers, who for the most part follow the liberal-left and DP line rather than the conservative-right line of the Republican Party (RP). An example of this – and such examples are replete on a main Russian liberal outlet, Ekho Moskvy (Echo of Moscow) – is a recent article “Trumpism Will Not Succeed,” a full throated frontal assault on the RP in defense of the DP and its most radical acolytes such as BLM and even Antifa. It is just one example of what is a cultural Marxist international–a global movement of liberals and leftists. It counters the authoritarian international we often here about led by China and Russia. For a constitutional republican (small ‘r’, sometimes capital ‘R’) like myself, it is sometimes hard to decide which is more of a problem. Likely the latter, but the former is still developing and becoming more authoritarian by the day.

The article in question, is one exemplary drop in the bucket in the ocean of dishonest propaganda pieces flooding the globe in the disinformation war between ‘West’ and ‘East’ generally speaking. Authored by a truly knee-jerk Russian DP sycophant, Marina Orlova, the article is a line-by-line repetition of the DP line. It reads as if it was written from DP talking points. Here is an extensive excerpt:

“Conservative Republican parents and teachers have launched a crusade against the teaching of critical racial theory. Critical racial theory doesn’t offer anything revolutionary, other than that racism is woven into the country’s past and American institutions and is systemic rather than just exposed by prejudiced individuals, and that racial inequality is woven into legal systems and negatively impacts non-whites—people in schools, doctors’ offices, the criminal justice system and many other areas of life.

“Critical racial theory has actually existed since the 1970s, but today it has been raised by far-right activists, and in particular, supporters of Donald Trump. The case in Virginia schools, and especially in the richest district in the United States, Loudon, came to a massacre.

“And all this against the background of the fact that critical race theory is NOT taught in the schools of Virginia. Nonetheless, a huge number of voters named education among the top three to five reasons why they voted for Republican Glen Yougnkin, a former investment fund manager who has never been involved in politics. Younkin promised to ban the teaching of critical racial theory in Virginia schools in the future.

How did the far-right media, including the vox populi Fox News, convince voters that teaching critical racial theory is tantamount to an apocalypse? With the argument ‘our white children are deprived of childhood and made to feel guilty for what they are not involved in.’

“And the more voices are heard from the progressive flank, including the pages of leading newspapers such as The New York Times that teaching critical racial theory in schools is a mega-important hot topic, the more these voices are carried across ultra-right resources with a simple and understandable message about that the main agenda of the Democrats is to “brainwash our children.” (It’s amazing how authoritarian institutions and regimes around the world always hide behind the interests of children, be it homophobic laws and political repression in Russia or Trumpists and the ultra-right in the United States).

“Teaching critical racial theory is generally not a top priority for the Democratic Party. But Democrats could not or did not want to interrupt this narrative with real pressing questions, especially during the period of the country’s recovery after the pandemic. Democrats themselves are constantly and justly reproached for the fact that the party is in its own echo chamber – that is, it hears only echoes of its own ideas and beliefs, remaining deaf to the real voter. By the way, the Republican in Virginia won mainly on the economic agenda – promising to reduce and eliminate some taxes.” See

Orlova repeats all of the Democrats’ lies. First, “critical race theory does not offer anything particularly revolutionary, other than…”—key phrase “other than.” Read what follows ‘other than’ readers. This racist America elected Barack Obama president and numerous black officials across the country over the last few decades. If a white says something that be by way of convolutional logic be portrayed as racist in America today, she and certainly he will be fired. The incidents are legion. If a black person says all whites are racist, devils, and the like, no problem (see Appendix).

CRT, Orlova says, “has existed since the 1970s.” Yes, it has existed since the 1970s, but for decades it was isolated in small pockets of intellectuals in the universities. As the DP gradually took over the teachers’ unions and all the primary, middle and high schools along with the universities became populated ever increasingly by radicals, the scope of critical race theory in the discourse and among accepted ideas expanded. Now, the teachers’ unions and radical DP officials in state politics and on state and local school boards are introducing the ‘theory’ – critical race theory or CRT – into grammar schools. As a result, children in some schools are already being taught that all white people are privileged and racist. California, the country’s largest state, is introducing a version statewide ( This is in post-Obama America. In this America, as I have documented elsewhere, outright anti-white black racists have been appointed to the Biden administration ( and anti-white racism infiltrated scientific fields such as psychiatry (See and Orlova regards Viriginia parents to have been brainwashed by FOX News into fearing CRT, despite its introduction in other DP-controlled states and the entry of racists into the DP-led Biden administration. Virginians had no reason to fear, you see, the Democrats are here.

These are the same Democrats, whose candidate for the Virginia governorship, Terry McAuliffe, stated that parents have not right to a say in the curriculum taught to their students. Orlova, like a good little DP propagandist left this little fact out of her ‘discourse.’ She also left out other issues when discussing Virginia and Loudon County. First, school board meetings in Loudon and elsewhere revealed several cases in which pornographic books highlighting gay sex were found in school libraries. Second, and most importantly, the DP’s McAuliffe made his statement about the right of the state to hijack children’s upbringing on the background of a major scandal in the last weeks before election day in which the county school board covered up two rapes committed by a transvestite boy (by the way in the new America one can, depending on his/her place of employment, if you call a boy wearing a dress a boy you could very well get fired from your job), who wore a skirt to school apparently in order to gain access to the girls’ bathroom, which was allowed for him/her because of the very same radical identitarian politics that supports BLM violence and CRT. The school board covered up on of the skirt boy’s rapes, transferred him to another school where he committed a second rape, denied to the father of one of the rape victims at a public school board meeting that there had been any such cases at the school, and had the father arrested for getting after angry another meeting attendee said his daughter was lying.

The crazy right-wing media shed a light on these crimes by the rapist and the DP-controlled school broad, prompting a police investigation, confirming the rapes. Meanwhile, the Biden administration contacted the National Association of School Boards and prompted it to send a letter to the U.S. Attorney General to take action against a wave of parent ‘terrorism’ at school board meetings, citing no incidents of even the mildest violence. AG Merrick Garland ina matter of hours, on the basis of no evidence, issued an order to the FBI to begin addressing the new middle-class parent terrorist threat. America’s racist and homophobic conservatism was further unmasked, as Orlov would say, when skirt boy was arrested, tried, and convicted rapidly for his crime of rape. Again, it was on the background of these events that McAuliffe said parents have no say in their children’s education. Conservative lies and propaganda on FOX and elsewhere had their authoritarian effect, indeed. We all know that it was the Democrats who are concerned for the children, and especially woman, who are always under the gravest threat from men, all of whom are inlined to rape—Remember ‘Me Too’ after all. The Republicans were feigning their concern for that raped girl and the desire to protect children, eeven their own. indeed. White Virginians were also faking it when they elected a black woman as their lieutenant governor along with white supremacist Youngkin.

At Valdai, Putin called for “healthy conservatism”, which sparked a series of articles in the Western media criticizing him for this and arguing that Putin is not conservative but authoritarian and uses these arguments in order to drive a wedge between conservative and liberal Westerners. One wonders whether Westerners, in particular Americans need help in this regard. What is clear is that it is DP policies, divisiveness, reverse discrimination, support for any non-traditional sexual orientation and its expression anywhere, anytime, including in bathrooms that will allow Putin to play on this issue, assuming that he, like any other half-sane human being understands that America and the West have gone too far on many scores. Except for Ms. Orlova and perhaps a few other hyper-Westernized Russian liberals and quasi-cultural Marxists, there are no Russians, not even gay ones, who will support boys in girls’ bathrooms and rape, even for the sake of the DP’s authoritarianizing revolution from above.




About the Author – Gordon M. Hahn, Ph.D., is an Expert Analyst at Corr Analytics, and a Senior Researcher at the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS), Akribis Group, Dr. Hahn is the author of The Russian Dilemma: Security, Vigilance, and Relations with the West from Ivan III to Putin (McFarland, forthcoming in 2021), Ukraine Over the Edge: Russia, the West, and the “New Cold War” (McFarland, 2018), The Caucasus Emirate Mujahedin: Global Jihadism in Russia’s North Caucasus and Beyond (McFarland, 2014), Russia’s Islamic Threat (Yale University Press, 2007), and Russia’s Revolution From Above: Reform, Transition and Revolution in the Fall of the Soviet Communist Regime, 1985-2000 (Transaction, 2002). He also has published numerous think tank reports, academic articles, analyses, and commentaries in both English and Russian language media.

Dr. Hahn also has taught at Boston, American, Stanford, San Jose State, and San Francisco State Universities and as a Fulbright Scholar at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia and has been a senior associate and visiting fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Kennan Institute in Washington DC, and the Hoover Institution.

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