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Kvartal 22: Zelenskiy’s Simulacra

Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskiy is an entertainer turned politician famous for television productions such as ‘Kvartal 95’ and ‘Servant of the People’, which also became the name of his real world political party. The problem in making such a transition is that the spheres of entertainment and politics both rely on virtuality. Entertainment offers fiction on a permanent basis. Politics has long ago been a sphere of surgical use of lies and myths. Max Weber and John Mearsheimer have elaborated on this aspect of politics. In another era Zelenskiy might have developed into an effective politician who used lies only when absolutely necessary. Zelenskiy’s misfortune was to come to power at a time when republicanism is in retreat worldwide, intensifying the disinformation age born in the simulacra of postmodernism and Big Tech..

Authoritarian and especially totalitarian regimes go hand in hand with a higher order of deception, falsification, and the like. Republican regimes use these also, but in a more restrained manner. Since the Obama administration the US government has been gradually been taken over in a revolution from above, leading to the country’s being on the verge of becoming a single-party dominant authoritarian regime that we might call the Democratic Party-state or DemParty-state. Thus, it is no surprise that as Obama and his comrades began to seize control of key law enforcement organs and create an imperial presidency of executive orders they began to lie and deal in deception to the American people and foreign governments on an unprecedented scale. Indeed, leading administration officials boasted about lying in order to get the Affordable Care Act. Obama himself repeatedly lied about the program: ‘medical insurance will be cheaper,’ ‘you and keep your plan,’ ‘you can keep your doctor.’ In 2014, Obama’s administration lied that the February 2014 Maidan shootings were carried out by Viktor Yanukovych’s Berkut police even after evidence emerged clearly demonstrating the truth (see below). Two years later Obama, then VP Joe Biden, and Democrat Party (DP) presidential nominee began a simulacra op unprecedented in American politics. They deployed their near monopoly over mass media and social networks as well as state institutions coopted by the DP in Obama’s creeping revolution from above such as the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, among others. A mammoth ‘Russiagate’ hoax claiming Republican Party candidate Donald Trump was a Manchurian candidate controlled by Putin’s Kremlin, with which his campaign was in contact with. The FBI began an investigation on the basis of information — the Steel dossier — its officials new was false. The Clinton campaign, mass media, and the FBI coordinated announcements about the investigation and ‘new findings’. Clinton and DARPA operatives even tapped both candidate and president Trump’s communications! Throughout his presidency the president and the country — especially its Russia policy — was crippled DP-led congressional hearings on Trump’s collusion with Putin and Trump’s impeachment on false charges of denying weapons to Ukraine, as the DemParty-state ratcheted up its pressure on Moscow through Kiev in order to expand NATO. All of this surreally was based on a false narrative.

This simulacra was followed by an unprecedented multi-pronged effort to steal the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden. The effort included: unconstitutional election laws adopted shortly before the vote that opened the voting to massive fraud, Marc Zuckerberg’s effort to tilt the election by harvesting ballots only in Democratic districts by hijacking state election commissions’ functions, and Trump’s ban from Twitter, Facebook, and other media. For the first time in American history, an election was unfree and unfair. This set the stage for a well-prepared false flag operation at the Capitol on 6 January 2021, rehearsed in another massive entrapment case involving the alleged plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan in which the overwhelming majority of the plotters were FBI agents and informants. On January 6th, FBI informants led the first break through the barricades and the funneling of unwitting Trump supporters into the Capitol. In the aftermath, The US for the first time in history has hundreds of political prisoners. This was followed by a second impeachment of Trump for a false flag op that began an hour and a half before Trump ended his supposedly incendiary speech after which the crowd was funnel to the Capitol and through open doors, while FBI informant-infiltrated Prod Boys and other groups provided the show of smashing windows and fighting with police.

The fraudulent election fake ‘insurrection’ has been followed a Biden administration that says the border with Mexico is secure while hundreds of thousands stream into America, that fosters an unconstitutional and neofascist critical race theory program in US schools, that has sought to protect efforts to cover up a rape by a transgender pervert by setting the Justice Ministry against the complaining parents on the basis of a complaint from the pro-DP National School Board that the Justice Ministry solicited from the Board.

In this new era of simulacra, fake news, virtual reality, and false flags, the entertainer Zelenskiy — who played the role of president in a TV series — fell comfortably into the new mode of post-truth politics in which one’s own side is flawless and one’s opponents are the epitome of evil–Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, take your pick and in which any lie or false flag is justified given the putrefaction of the enemy.

Another problem that confounded Zelenskiy’s development into a normal politician — if there is such a thing — is that the regime over which he took the reins of power upon winning the Ukrainian presidency had been midwifed by a false myth, a hoax, a false flag operation, surrounding the formative experience of the ultranationalist-oligarchic Maidan regime in February 2014. Any regime’s founding experiences have a tendency to set a pattern of behavior that echoes down through the history of the state over which a regime holds sway. For example, the American belief in the universality of the aspiration to republicanism led to a missionary democracy promotion worldwide. If the foundational moment’s reality is distorted by falsehood then that regime is fundamentally illegitimate and can be expected to return to the ‘successful’ foundational behavior of falsification again and again. The regime will incorporate its founding myth, whether true or false, into its myths, culture, and modus operandi.

All this has been true of the Maidan ‘revolution of dignity,’ as Barack Obama and others soon dubbed the violence-ridden, de facto coup d`etat. The Ukrainian and Western false narrative — that on 20 February 2014 a ‘heavenly hundred’ group of victimized freedom demonstrators supposedly were shot down by Ukraine’s ‘Berkut’ security police on orders from corrupt President Viktor Yanukovych, who indeed was then overthrown as a direct result of the anger ‘his slaughter’ provoked — was discredited almost immediately ( Zelenskiy himself dangerously acknowledged this during his presidential campaign. In an apparent cryptic reference to his opponent, President Petro Poroshenko (who actually may have opposed the shootings) and the snipers’ massacre of 20 February 2014, Zelenskiy commented: “People whom came to power on blood are profiting on blood” ( Later, he decried the ‘disappearance of documentation regarding the massacre ( Those who benefited most from the false narrative made sure the real history was buried by a deluge of false narratives and charges that those suggesting an alternative narrative are conspiracy theorists and agents of Putin. This repression of the facts and those who attempt to purvey them has since become common practice in the West as well—indeed, not just in the West. The world is being divided into two spheres (as I noted years ago would happen should NATO expansion continue) – economic, financial, political, civilizational, and informational-perceptual – two different visions of reality in this crisis century. However, simulacra is constructed by authoritarians east and west.

The propagation of false narratives, something in which now Western (and Russian) governments have good experience, has become an even more central behavior for Zelenskiy’s Maidan Ukraine even before Russo-Ukrainian war. This sort of disinformation has been a long-standing part of the Maidan regime in Kiev dating back to before the war. Recall Zelenskiy’s claim of an imminent Russian backed coup planned for December 1-2, which in the event turned out to be a demonstration of neofascist and economic interest groups and nothing more (

With Putin’s invasion Zelenskiy’s productions have reached new heights. The first weeks of the Russo-Ukrainian war saw Kievan simulacra on full display: the ‘Ghost’ pilot who supposedly was shooting down numerous Russian fighter jets but who actually never existed ( and ; the Snake Island Ukrainian ‘martyrs’ soliders in reality surrendered and were returned to Kiev in a prisoner exchange (;; the Russian mobile crematorium used to incinerate Russian soldiers’ and perhaps others’ corpses turned out to be a high tech garbage disposal machine advertisement (; the video game scenes proffered as shootdowns of Russian fighter jets in a dogfight (;;  US claim that it had form intelligence Russia was preparing a false flag chemical attack which the US officials then acknowledged had been its own disinformation operation (; and a Turkish mosque never hit reportedly deliberately targeted by Russian forces in Mariupol, while actual horrendous crimes were being committed their by Ukraine’s Azov Batallion ( and

These was followed by the supposed wounding and death of an expectant Ukrainian mother by a phantom Russian airstrike that ‘destroyed’ a maternity ward. Mariana Vishemirskaya actually ended up being evacuated to Russian-controlled territory where she revealed the truth that there was no airstrike, that Ukrainian soldiers visited the ward and took food the day before a grenade landed near the hospital, that journalists appeared before the explosion in the yard, and that journalists took photographs of her even after she asked them to stop. The hospital had been occupied by an Avov regiment three days before the grenade blast and media frenzy. Vishemirskaya states in the new interview that Azov fighters blocked people from leaving the city through the humanitarian corridors approved by the Russians ( and

Then there was the surgical and well-staged simulacra that the Russians had bombed the monument at Babi Yar, where Nazi and Ukrainian followers of Stepan Bandera executed and buried in mass graves hundreds of thousands of Jews during World War II. The ‘beauty’ of this politically surgical and well-staged stratcomm, of this fake, is two-fold. First, such a crime would undermine those arguing correctly that the Ukrainian polity is significantly infested by neofascists and ultranationalist–in particular the exaggerated Russian claims that the entire Maidan regime is ‘Nazi’ (almost all of it is robustly nationalistic and all too much of it is ultranationalistic and fascistic, ideologically speaking). The report of such an attack understandably would rouse world Jewry against Russia, deflecting world attention from Kiev’s neofascist-tinged and -tainted regime and such increasingly news-present elements like the notorious Azov Battalion. The Jewish Zelenskiy expressing outrage before television cameras — “that’s Russia” — when the false news was brought to him that Russia had carried out an airstrike on Babi Yar was a brilliant attempt to extract the neofascist tumor inside Ukraine’s image. Kiev and the West have done their best to equate fascism with anti-semitism, ignoring the ethno-nationalist russophobia and racism–to use a favorite word among my people. The Babi Yar fake’s staging was not only well-targeted politically but well-performed. The news was brought to Zelenskiy by the head of his Office of the President, the president’s chief of staff Andrei Yermak, as the president was talking to foreign journalists before rolling cameras. Zelenskiy could now give them what they like to hear and needed to report. “That’s Russia,” he uttered ( Zelenskiy then repeated the false claim to castigate Russia in a

speech the next day, and Yermak wrote an oped published in the New York Times the same day touting Zelenskiy’s Jewish heritage. Western and Ukrainian reports showed not a single photograph of the damaged monument or even damage anywhere near the monument or the paired annual gathering site for Jews dedicated to a famous Jewish rabbi, which also was not hit but mentioned by Zelenskiy in his speech as if it had been. Only Israeli journalists bothered to report that these monuments were not damaged and had not been bombed (;;; and ( Nothing about the false nature of the ‘Babi Yar bombing’ has ever been reported since in the Western or Ukrainian media outside of Israeli media.

Now we have come to Bucha. With this pre-history, one should be compelled to check the facts surrounding Bucha very carefully.




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