by Gordon M. Hahn The Kremlin’s clumsy handling of the optics surrounding the decision-making and the fall in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s and the government’s approval ratings surrounding the proposal to raise the pension age notwithstanding, the policy is more ore less the right one and its political implications will be short-term, a political hiccup. […]

by Gordon M. Hahn The Trump-Putin summit was successfully delayed by the liberal/neocon, Washington/NATO deep state network. By the time, Trump fought his way free from the morass of the collapsing ‘Russiagate’ investigation, relations were so bad that Putin rejected Trump’s invitation to the White House and agreed to meet in neighboring Finland. This suggests […]

پوتین به دنبال تعادل است منبع: گوردون هان – The Persian-language website has translated and published my article “Putin 5.0: Tea Leaves” for those interested in reading Farsi. The link is: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About the Author – Gordon M. Hahn, Ph.D., Expert Analyst at Corr Analytics, and a Senior Researcher at the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies […]

by Gordon M. Hahn Russia has advanced forward in something of a tactical and potential strategic victory in the Russo-Western gas war. This is a three-party war, with the US, EU, and Russia each promoting separate interests. It is one sphere where a united West has failed to ‘isolate Russia.’ The US seeks move in […]

by Gordon M. Hahn Timothy Snyder has put out an incoherent video interpretation of Ivan Ilyin, of whom Snyder claims Putin is an admirer, offering no evidence. Snyder’s interpretation of Ilyin’s “three important ideas” is far from lucid and highly ‘interpretative’, to put it mildly. They are, according to Snyder: (1) social advancement is impossible […]