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REPORT: Towards a Realist American Russia Policy

by Gordon M. Hahn American foreign policy, especially its Russia policy, is a runaway train without rails, driven by a troubling confluence of hubristic ideological influences and bureaucratized sectoral interests networked through Washington. These two kinds of influence too often... Continue Reading →

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Is a Russian Political Crisis Coming?

by Gordon M. Hahn American necons’ and neolibs’ idealism and hubris continue to fog our perceptions of Russian politics. Francis Fukuyama expressed American post-Cold War ideological triumphalism in his The End of History and the Last Man, but upon reexamination... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Quiet Revolution

by Gordon M. Hahn Over the past few years a quiet revolution has been developing in Putin's Russia: 'eternally' backward and bureaucratic-authoritarian Russia has achieved European standards in its business environment through a deregulation revolution. In 2015 Russia moved from... Continue Reading →

Russia, America, and Interference in Domestic Politics: Comparative Context

by Gordon M. Hahn Two can play at almost any game. Russia is now accused of interfering in the 2016 U.S presidential election campaign by hacking Democratic and republican party committees and Hillary Clinton's illicit e-mail server and sending the... Continue Reading →

Putin’s World: Things Are Going Moscow’s Way

by Gordon M. Hahn Not along ago the American journalistic, academic and think tank elite were asserting in unison as usual that Russia was at best a regional power isolated globally as a result of its ‘invasion’ of Ukraine and... Continue Reading →

Hybrid Warfare: From CentComm to Slavdom

It does not take very much expertise or analytical skill to surmise that the mode of Ukrainian hybrid warfare, like the Russian, has emerged from: a long tradition of partisan warfare inherited from the Cossack and Russian experience of invasion, subjugation, and liberation wars; the Soviet experience in Afghanistan; and regarding contemporaneity American - not Russian - modern military, technological, mass communications and strategic communications techniques.

The All-Russian Ulema Council: A Step Towards a Unified ‘Rossiiskyi Islam’?

by Gordon M. Hahn Traditional Russian Islam overcame at least some of its internal disunity recently after years of attempts to set up some kind of all-inclusive umbrella organization or body. In October an agreement was finally reached on setting... Continue Reading →

Third Maidan Anniversary – Third Maidan Revolt Threat Extant

by Gordon M. Hahn Is a 'third Maidan' brewing? Is one possible? On this week’s third anniversary of the beginning of the Maidan ‘revolution’ or revolt, Kiev remains rife with talk of a ‘third Maidan’ and for some good reason.... Continue Reading →

Putin’s Surprise: The Resurrection of Sergei Kirienko (Complete Version – Parts 1 and 2)

by Gordon M. Hahn Introduction In October, 54-year old Russian state nuclear energy company ‘RosAtom’ director Sergei Kirienko was appointed to the post of deputy chief in charge of domestic politics in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Administration (PA). Once... Continue Reading →

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