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Neo-Fascist Yarosh Appointed to Ukraine Army General Staff

photo yarosh

by Gordon M. Hahn

In light of neo-fascist Right Sector leader Dmitro Yarosh’s appointment as an advisor to Maidan Ukraine’s Army General Staff, I offer a re-reading of my articles “The Ukrainian Revolution’s Neo-Fascist Problem” (Fair Observer, 23 September 2014, and “War From Below and the Warlords of Ukraine” ( Russian and Eurasian Politics, 14 July 2014, See also “Everyday Neo-Fascism in Ukraine,” Russian and Eurasian Politics, 15 March 2015,

Please note Yarosh’s role in the terrorist pogrom that burned or otherwise killed more than 40 people in Odessa on 2 May 2014. His role is stated explicitly by Right Sector in announcements on its website cited in both articles. Odessa might not be the worst of the group’s crimes, since its role in the February 18-20, 2014 sniper massacre on Maidan is appearing more and more certain.


Gordon M. Hahn is an Analyst and Advisory Board Member of the Geostrategic Forecasting Corporation, Chicago, Illinois; Senior Researcher, Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS), Akribis Group, San Jose, California Analyst/Consultant, Russia Other Points of View – Russia Media Watch; and Senior Researcher and Adjunct Professor, MonTREP, Monterey, California. Dr Hahn is author of three well-received books, Russia’s Revolution From Above (Transaction, 2002), Russia’s Islamic Threat (Yale University Press, 2007), which was named an outstanding title of 2007 by Choice magazine, and The ‘Caucasus Emirate’ Mujahedin: Global Jihadism in Russia’s North Caucasus and Beyond (McFarland Publishers, 2014). He also has authored hundreds of articles in scholarly journals and other publications on Russian, Eurasian and international politics and wrote, edited and published the Islam, Islamism, and Politics in Eurasia Report at CSIS from 2010-2013. Dr. Hahn has been a Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (2011-2013) and a Visiting Scholar at both the Hoover Institution and the Kennan Institute.

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