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by Gordon M. Hahn Long-standing Russian President Vladimir Putin will win Russia’s presidential election by a landslide, garnering some 70 percent of the vote. Democratic candidates are likely to finish behind the main communist candidate Pavel Grudinin and the tired populist-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovskii. They might outdistance the equally tired nationalist Sergei Baburin. The pro-democracy forces’ […]

by Gordon M. Hahn Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech to both houses of the Federal Assembly on Thursday was significant for the more immediate politics of the Russian presidential campaign and representative of Russia’s contemporary cultural discourse and identity. It addressed two key blocs of state-tied constituencies Putin will need to ensure an easy first […]

by Gordon M. Hahn Political analysis is becoming dangerously politicized, one-sided and biased. The politicization of academia and media in this regard is polarizing relations between Russia and the West. The disease of politicized science also plagues the domestic politics of their and other societies. This two-tier political polarization is contributing to global instability. Analysis […]

  Par Gordon M. Hahn – Le 5 décembre 2017 – Source Son blog   Les nouvelles « révélations » selon lesquelles Hillary Clinton, son bureau de campagne présidentielle et le Comité national démocrate sont à l’origine du « dossier Trump » largement discrédité, et ont financé ses exécutants, GPS Fusion et l’ancien agent de renseignement britannique Richard Steele, ainsi que la nouvelle selon […]