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Khodorkovskii Gets It: Russian-Negotiated Transition, Not Western-Backed Revolution

by Gordon M. Hahn As Russia prepares to commemorate the 1917 Bolshevik coup which followed the initial phase of its violent revolution from below and led to its second phase, the Russian civil war and ultimately to totalitarian communism, some... Continue Reading →

Navalnyi ‘Kompromats’ Medvedev: Implications

by Gordon M. Hahn The recent revelations from opposition leader and Foundation for the Fight Against Corruption (FBK) founder Aleksei Navalnyi has had a limited ripple effect in society but may reflect somewhat more turbulence for the regime's ruling groups... Continue Reading →

The Fate of Russia and the Image of the French Revolution

by Gordon M. Hahn What Do Russia's liberal intelligentsia, Napoleon, and Western Democracy-Promotion have in common? In a word: revolutionism. In September-October 1799 the Russian army was doing battle with the French revolutionary army marched by Napoleon across Europe to... Continue Reading →

American Misadventures and Russian Gains: Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Strategy, General Flynn’s Russia Play and Trump’s Debacle

by Gordon M. Hahn The rise and fall of General Michael Flynn should come as no surprise. While a policy of seeking some realist accommodation of Russian interests in the conduct of American foreign policy makes sense, the extent of... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Quiet Revolution

by Gordon M. Hahn Over the past few years a quiet revolution has been developing in Putin's Russia: 'eternally' backward and bureaucratic-authoritarian Russia has achieved European standards in its business environment through a deregulation revolution. In 2015 Russia moved from... Continue Reading →

The All-Russian Ulema Council: A Step Towards a Unified ‘Rossiiskyi Islam’?

by Gordon M. Hahn Traditional Russian Islam overcame at least some of its internal disunity recently after years of attempts to set up some kind of all-inclusive umbrella organization or body. In October an agreement was finally reached on setting... Continue Reading →

President Trump and U.S.-Russian Relations

by Gordon M. Hahn Donald Trump's election as U.S. president holds the possibility of a reset 2.0. He appears more open to compromise with the Kremlin than any other recent president-elect. The most important issue driving Russian-Western relations downward for... Continue Reading →

The Russian-American Cultural-Ideational Contention

by Gordon M. Hahn Culture – ideas, beliefs, attitudes and values – matter in politics. Political and strategic cultures influence governments’ choices of domestic systems and foreign policies. Realists must analyze Russian foreign policy and the current clash of interests... Continue Reading →

Forthcoming Book – UKRAINE OVER THE EDGE: Russia, the West and the “New Cold War”

My manuscript UKRAINE OVER THE EDGE: Russia, the West, and the "New Cold War" has found a publisher. McFarland Books will be publishing it next year. It examines the geostrategic, civilizationalist-ideational, historical and contemporary political causes of the Ukrainian crisis,... Continue Reading →

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