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Dmitry Medvedev

Нисхождение премьера Медведева

Автор: Гордон Хан (Gordon Hahn)      Недавние обвинения в коррупции премьер-министра России и бывшего президента Дмитрия Медведева, выдвинутые оппозиционным лидером Алексеем Навальным, представляют серьезную угрозу для политического выживания Медведева.      Решающее значение имеет и дата публикации этих обвинений,... Continue Reading →

The Fall of Dmitry Medvedev

by Gordon M. Hahn Opposition leader Alexei Navalnyi's recent corruption allegations against Russian Prime Minister and former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev poses a grave threat to Medvedev's political survival in that position. The timing of the allegations is crucial, coming... Continue Reading →

A Dangerous Enemy to Make – Geopolitical Forecast on Russia from 2008:

by Gordon M. Hahn [first published by Russia Profile, 27 August 2008,] Shortly before midnight on August 6, the Western policy that has shown little more than disdain for Russia's interests wrought its most bitter fruit to date. Georgian troops... Continue Reading →

Another Warning on the Results of NATO Expansion, 2008

My article below written for Russia Profile in the wake of the August 2008 Ossetian war: Gordon Hahn Special to Russia Profile 08/26/2008 The West’s Policy of Ignoring Russia’s Demands Proved Perilous The result of the recent showdown between Russia... Continue Reading →

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