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 by Gordon M. Hahn [[This article was originally published in December 2011 as: Gordon M. Hahn,“The Thaw at the Polls – Tandem’s Liberalization Policy Rocks the Vote,” Russia – Other Points of View, 8 December 2011, http://www.russiaotherpointsofview.com/2011/12/the-thaw-at-the-polls-tandems-liberalization-policy-rocks-the-vote.html.%5D%5D Sunday’s election to the State Duma, Russia’s lower house, was stunning.  As I expected, it registered a sharp […]

Автор: Гордон Хан (Gordon Hahn)      Недавние обвинения в коррупции премьер-министра России и бывшего президента Дмитрия Медведева, выдвинутые оппозиционным лидером Алексеем Навальным, представляют серьезную угрозу для политического выживания Медведева.      Решающее значение имеет и дата публикации этих обвинений, поскольку приближается президентская предвыборная кампания, а также ожидается решение Путина, оставлять ли Медведева на посту […]

by Gordon M. Hahn Opposition leader Alexei Navalnyi’s recent corruption allegations against Russian Prime Minister and former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev poses a grave threat to Medvedev’s political survival in that position. The timing of the allegations is crucial, coming as the presidential campaign approaches as does Putin’s impending decision whether or not to retain […]

by Gordon M. Hahn [first published by Russia Profile, 27 August 2008, http://rbth.com/articles/2008/08/27/280808_perilous.html] Shortly before midnight on August 6, the Western policy that has shown little more than disdain for Russia’s interests wrought its most bitter fruit to date. Georgian troops began military operations to seize the capital of the breakaway republic of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali. […]

My article below written for Russia Profile in the wake of the August 2008 Ossetian war: Gordon Hahn Special to Russia Profile 08/26/2008 The West’s Policy of Ignoring Russia’s Demands Proved Perilous The result of the recent showdown between Russia and Georgia on South Ossetian ground is hundreds if not thousands dead, many more wounded, […]