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by Gordon M. Hahn [Thus article was originally published for ROPV in December 2011 as “The National Republics as Administrative Resource in Russia’s Elections,” Russia – Other Points of View, 12 December 2011, It discusses a key, institutionalized aspect of what I characterized 14 years ago as Putin’s soft “stealth authoritarianism.”] My previous article for […]

Гордон М. Хан В конце 1990-ых и в начале 2000-ых и оптимисты, ожидавшие быстрой консолидации демократии и торжества рыночной экономики в России, и пессимисты, непрерывно констатирующие, что Россия “потеряна”, никак не могут понять нынешнюю Россию. Неисполнимость ожиданий привела к горьким разочарованиям, чрезмерным реакциям и требованиям, прозвучавшим на Западе, проявить бдительность к вроде бы набирающему силу […]

by Gordon M. Hahn Much Western media and many observers of Russian politics are fond of playing up an ostensible revival of Stalin – his ‘rehabilitation’ as it were – under Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rule. This is not just inaccurate — as I have written in the past, the Putin era has seen numerous […]

 by Gordon M. Hahn [[This article was originally published in December 2011 as: Gordon M. Hahn,“The Thaw at the Polls – Tandem’s Liberalization Policy Rocks the Vote,” Russia – Other Points of View, 8 December 2011, Sunday’s election to the State Duma, Russia’s lower house, was stunning.  As I expected, it registered a sharp […]

by Gordon M. Hahn In a recent series of statements, Russian liberal politicians, activists, and intelligentsia members have criticized the Russian democratic opposition’s most popular and effective leader Aleksei Navalnyi. Russia’s democrats again have shown themselves to have mastered an uncanny inability to unite, especially ever since Vladimir Putin took the Russian presidency in 2000. […]