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REPUBLICATION – Stealth Authoritarianism: Setting the Stage for the Federal Election Cycle in St. Petersburg

The article below was originally published in autumn 2003 by the Moscow Carnegie Center. All of my articles written for Carnegie have been removed from their website and the Internet, so I republish them here. Original: Gordon M. Hahn, ‚ÄúStealth... Continue Reading →

Putin the Balancer: Containing and Balancing Russia’s Multifarious Forces through Soft Authoritarianism

by Gordon M. Hahn As noted numerous times, Putin is not an all-powerful dictator. He is a soft authoritarian leader riding a relatively unstable or metastable 'sistema', state and society. One of his oft-discussed roles is as arbiter between institutions... Continue Reading →

The Fall of Dmitry Medvedev

by Gordon M. Hahn Opposition leader Alexei Navalnyi's recent corruption allegations against Russian Prime Minister and former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev poses a grave threat to Medvedev's political survival in that position. The timing of the allegations is crucial, coming... Continue Reading →

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