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by Gordon Hahn [This article was first published in October 2010 as: “Again on Russian Human Rights in Context,” Russia Other Points of View, 8 October 2010, In an October 5th Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article, Robert Orttung, president of the Resource Security Institute, and Christopher Walker, director of studies at Freedom House, published the […]

by Gordon M. Hahn The World Bank recently announced that Russia jumped from 40th to 35th place in its annual ‘Doing Business Report’ evaluating the ease of doing business in 190 countries based on parameters such as ease in starting a business, registering property, getting loans, paying taxes, and enforcing contracts ( Russia’s rank in […]

by Gordon M. Hahn As I noted two years ago just after Russia’s military intervention into the Syrian civil war, Russian President Vladimir Putin had several motives in intervening: (1) to preserve both the principle of state and UN sovereignty over Western interventionism and Russia’s role in the Middle East and globally by ensuring Russia’s […]

by Gordon M. Hahn The new ‘revelations’ that Hillary Clinton, her presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee were the forces behind the largely discredited ‘Trump Dossier’, funding its compilers, GPS Fusion and former British intelligence officer Richard Steele, and news that FBI investigator has been removed from the gag order to prohibited him from […]

by Gordon M. Hahn I recently gave an interview to Sputnik, one of the Russian state’s media outlets, in the hope that they would present all of my remarks. Some were critical of Russian propaganda, as I was critical of US propaganda ( Unfortunately, Sputnik chose to include only my remarks critical of American propaganda and […]

by Gordon M. Hahn [Thus article was originally published for ROPV in December 2011 as “The National Republics as Administrative Resource in Russia’s Elections,” Russia – Other Points of View, 12 December 2011, It discusses a key, institutionalized aspect of what I characterized 14 years ago as Putin’s soft “stealth authoritarianism.”] My previous article for […]