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Dr Hahn’s Sott Radio Interview, 16 April 2017

See Dr. Hahn's 16 April 2017 Sott Radio interview at "Today on the Truth Perspective, we interview Dr. Hahn about his work on Russia's Islamic threat, as well as his research on regime change and revolution. We'll also discuss... Continue Reading →

Khodorkovskii Gets It: Russian-Negotiated Transition, Not Western-Backed Revolution

by Gordon M. Hahn As Russia prepares to commemorate the 1917 Bolshevik coup which followed the initial phase of its violent revolution from below and led to its second phase, the Russian civil war and ultimately to totalitarian communism, some... Continue Reading →


Автор: Гордон М. Хан Перевод - Cмотрите версию на английском с примечаниями/источниками: ЭТО НЕ «РОССИЯ ПУТИНСКАЯ» – ЭТО «ПУТИН – РОССИЙСКИЙ» Введение Западные наблюдатели часто используют термин «путинская Россия» при обсуждении событий в российской политике, экономике, обществе и культуре.... Continue Reading →

Perestroika’s Demise: Communist Party Reform, State Reorganization, and the Collapse of the USSR

by Gordon M. Hahn [The following was written in 2000 but the commissioner refused to publish it. Expanded it was published as my first book Russia's Revolution From Above] Introduction            The collapse of the Soviet... Continue Reading →

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