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Putin the Balancer: Containing and Balancing Russia’s Multifarious Forces through Soft Authoritarianism

by Gordon M. Hahn As noted numerous times, Putin is not an all-powerful dictator. He is a soft authoritarian leader riding a relatively unstable or metastable 'sistema', state and society. One of his oft-discussed roles is as arbiter between institutions... Continue Reading →

Problems of Putinism Persist

by Gordon M. Hahn [This article, which still holds for today, in my view, was first published as: Gordon M. Hahn,“ Problems of Putinism,” Russia – Other Points of View, 5 February 2012,] In 2012, then Russian Prime Minister and soon-to-be third-time... Continue Reading →

Khodorkovskii Gets It: Russian-Negotiated Transition, Not Western-Backed Revolution

by Gordon M. Hahn As Russia prepares to commemorate the 1917 Bolshevik coup which followed the initial phase of its violent revolution from below and led to its second phase, the Russian civil war and ultimately to totalitarian communism, some... Continue Reading →

Navalnyi ‘Kompromats’ Medvedev: Implications

by Gordon M. Hahn The recent revelations from opposition leader and Foundation for the Fight Against Corruption (FBK) founder Aleksei Navalnyi has had a limited ripple effect in society but may reflect somewhat more turbulence for the regime's ruling groups... Continue Reading →

The Fate of Russia and the Image of the French Revolution

by Gordon M. Hahn What Do Russia's liberal intelligentsia, Napoleon, and Western Democracy-Promotion have in common? In a word: revolutionism. In September-October 1799 the Russian army was doing battle with the French revolutionary army marched by Napoleon across Europe to... Continue Reading →

The Present Stability of Putin’s ‘Sistema’

by Gordon M. Hahn Although 2016 will be a challenging year for Russia’s political stability, there is little likelihood the country will experience serious political tremors. The worst case scenario is a something akin to the demonstrations of winter 2011-2012... Continue Reading →

Kadyrov and Moscow, 2007

 by Gordon M. Hahn [[In recent weeks Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has graced the headlines of news from Russia. One of the bad boys of Russian politics, he has been at it for years. The following is an excerpt from... Continue Reading →

Dr. Hahn’s Most Recent Radio Interview on Russian Airliner Downing for Ian Masters’ Background Briefing

Listen to Dr. Gordon M. Hahn's interview on the implications for Russia of President Vladimir Putin's intervention in Syria from 4 November 2015 to Ian Masters' Background Briefing radio program. Was the Downing of the Russian Passenger Plane Blowback From... Continue Reading →

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Babitskii ‘Defects’ Back to Russia

by Gordon M. Hahn The British paper The Guardian reports that the formerly Russian opposition journalist Andrei Babitskii is leading the efforts of the pro-Russian Ukrainian breakaway region Donetsk People's Republic's to set up a new television channel According to the paper,... Continue Reading →

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