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Khodorkovskii Gets It: Russian-Negotiated Transition, Not Western-Backed Revolution

by Gordon M. Hahn As Russia prepares to commemorate the 1917 Bolshevik coup which followed the initial phase of its violent revolution from below and led to its second phase, the Russian civil war and ultimately to totalitarian communism, some... Continue Reading →

Navalnyi ‘Kompromats’ Medvedev: Implications

by Gordon M. Hahn The recent revelations from opposition leader and Foundation for the Fight Against Corruption (FBK) founder Aleksei Navalnyi has had a limited ripple effect in society but may reflect somewhat more turbulence for the regime's ruling groups... Continue Reading →

Russian United Democratic Front Taking Shape

by Gordon M. Hahn As noted in a previous brief, the murder of Boris Nemtsov seems to have sparked an effort to realize his initiative to form a broad united democratic front, in particular for the 2016 Duma elections ( Continue Reading →

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